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High quality carpentry services

Over time, wood can rot or bend and that’s a big problem on the long term. Luckily, Oxe Remodeling is here to solve your problems with professionalism: our carpentry work is linked with other services such as painting and remodeling in order to deliver pleasant results with amazing quality.

Some of our carpentry services

Carpentry Fine Details

Door & Window Trimming

Ceiling Molding / Waynscoting

We take great pride in our ability to provide high quality carpentry services

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You can trust your house to us

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Results that will leave you speechless

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Years before, when I finished some remodeling projects to my clients, I saw the satisfaction in their eyes and that was when I found out my passion.

The company started with the purpose and mission to deliver flawless projects in which gratitude and happiness are the final result of our services.

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